Sunday, December 27, 2015

sunshine & sick minds

Yesterday night, my mom asked me how I was feeling that day. I had been thinking about it earlier, and I shared my realization that I actually had been feeling pretty okay, physically and emotionally...and that that felt very weird because I'm so used to feeling like crap most, if not all, the time.

I remember having this moment that day where I thought, "Wait. Do people feel like this all the time? Is that why other people are happy and think depressed people are so weird? Is that why other people think it's so weird and awful to consider hurting or killing yourself?"

In that moment, it became even clearer to me that mental illness is an illness. I know so many people doubt it, but now, having had a taste of what it's like to feel normal, I am even more assured that what I feel the rest of the time is not normal. People shouldn't have to feel hopeless, bleak, weak, and constantly hurt. It isn't healthy - and it's a sign that a person isn't in good health. There's no shame in that, and it should be common sense that that person should get help. And it is their right to get good quality, thorough, judgment-free care.

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