Sunday, June 12, 2016

Some more poetry.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I've been going through old stuff I wrote during last year's darkest days and thought I would share some song lyrics (that didn't make it into any song). These were inspired by some things I was learning about C. S. Lewis' poetry (the planet concept metaphor at the end). But mostly they were inspired by my epic fail of a crush...a romance that I misread signals for that never got off the ground. The guy seemed into me but we couldn't date because we were in a group that didn't allow it so he entered a relationship with another chick. Cue angsty songwriting sessions and months of living in denial, still hoping he will change his mind and obsessing over him even though he treats you like crap (even though you're older and more talented and mature!) Go figure.

I can't satisfy you
I can't keep your attention
Your eyes shine when you speak of her
They wander when you talk with me
When will I see
I'm a hopeless case
Just another not pretty enough face

Why does God give her
What I long for
Your eyes may be open
But you're blind if you're heart's closed
The truth's being shouted
But you're not taking notes

I'm a discarded image
A beautiful star shining
In some unseen corner
Of your sun-centered world

But beware of the first clarity
Maybe I've been letting a grain of the universe
Be the center of the world
Set me on fire
Propel me through the air
I'll let off fireworks
I'll see what's out there
Find new planets
A place where I can dance
I shine bright

I deserve a celestial romance
- R.G. Spring 2015

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