Mental Health Resources

Looking for more information about mental health symptoms, treatment resources, or the experiences of others? Here are some of my favorite websites that have been of help to me in my journey through mental health treatment.

Treatment Resources:
Advocacy Resources & Stories of Encouragement:
  • The Mighty: updated daily with stories submitted by real people who have experienced mental and chronic illness writing about their struggles
  • To Write Love on Her Arms: a non-profit that advocates for mental health help particularly for young adults and teens. Their site features a blog, links to treatment resources, information on conferences and events they hold, and awesome t-shirts and other gear to raise awareness. You should also read the founder, Jamie's Tworkowski's incredible book, If You Feel Too Much.
  • Anxiety and Depression Association of America: an organization that advocates for the awareness of anxiety and mood disorders. Their site has information about the symptoms of mood and anxiety disorders as well as information on new findings on these disorders and links to treatment resources. If you struggle with social anxiety, you might also benefit from their book Triumph Over Shyness.
  • Mental Health First Aid: offers training to help understand and provide help to people you know who have mental health problems.
  • Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety: resources on the symptoms and treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder and related disorders as well as personal stories from sufferers
  • National Eating Disorders Association: screening resources and information on the symptoms of eating disorders as well as advocacy and treatment help
  • The Lola Project: advocating the benefits of psychiatric services dogs
  • Time to Change: website with personal stories of people who have suffered mental illness, advocating for mental health awareness and better access to resources for treatment, specifically in the UK with opportunities to speak up and share your own story
  • Demi Lovato's "Stay Strong" Documentary: Demi has been a huge inspiration for me and my family and her courage in being honest with her fierce struggle with bipolar disorder, drug and alcohol addiction, self-injury, and an eating disorder has been such a huge step in battling stigma and helping many to get treatment. You can see the documentary she made tracing her first months out of rehabilitation and treatment, telling her story with honesty and vulnerability. It is a must-see and really spoke to my heart.
  • Jamie Tworkowski's "Depression and Desire" Ted Talk: Jamie founded To Write Love on Her Arms, an incredible organization that speaks encouragement into the lives of those struggling with depression, addiction, and other mental health issues. He always has profound truth to speak that seems so simple that you should have thought of it before, but you never allow yourself to think. His encouragement to see your story as something that matters and needs to be told no matter how much or how little attention you receive
  • Stephen Fry's "The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive" Documentary: I love Stephen Fry as a comic and a person and I appreciate this candid documentary he made about his own struggle with Bipolar disorder (formerly known as Manic Depressive disorder). It was made a while ago, though a follow-up one was released not long ago, but the content is still very informative and insightful to educate people on the experiences of the 1% of the population who struggles with this difficult, very misunderstood disease.
  • The Latest Kate's encouraging mantras with cute animals: This artist draws adorable animals and writes motivating messages to help combat the negative thoughts that accompany depression, anxiety, and other mental health battles. You can buy stickers, mugs, shirts, journals, etc. with these designs on them! I personally bought some stickers of her designs on to put on stuff I use throughout the day and I've found them to be great reminders to stay positive and not get pulled down in the spiral of mental illness lies.
More resources will be forthcoming! If you would like your organization's website or your personal mental health-focused blog listed here, leave a comment or use the contact form on the right sidebar. Stay strong!

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